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Do These after Running a Flower Shop for a Year

flower shop newSucceeding to run a flower shop for a year is a good achievement because not all new florists can do this. Why? At this moment, there are many florists out there that offer the same products and services. This condition makes competition tighter and more complicated day by day. If you are one of new florists who succeed to run a flower shop for a year, you should be grateful. Besides, you should do these so your business grows and develops maximally:

Evaluate business performance

Evaluating business performance for one year is a must so you know whether you already run your business optimally. If your business just shows good performance within four or five months, you should improve it or if your business shows good performance all year, maintain it as well as possible. Of course, if you want to improve business performance, you should know what to improve first whether it is about service, flower shop’s facility, flower, and so on. You may ask your staffs to get valid information about your business. This is important to do so you can make business performance increase optimally.

Keep in mind to evaluate your staffs’ performance too because they have important role in your business. Ask them to tell what they need so they can work optimally. Then, try to fulfill their reasonable needs so your business continues developing well.

Increase look of flower shop

Yup, if your flower shop already looks uninteresting anymore, it is the right time to increase look of flower shop. How? Renovate and redecorate flower shop by installing new lamps, repainting walls, replacing broken stuffs with new ones, and so on. Even, if you still have a small shop, you are suggested to move to a big place, especially if you succeed to earn much money every month. Nevertheless, before doing this, thinks about customers’ comfort and satisfaction. If you live in new place that is not safe, you will lose your customers because they don’t want to visit your shop anymore.

What if you plan to move but you don’t find the right place? Consider buying or renting building beside your shop if possible. Alternatively, you can build a storied shop so customers are more interested in visiting and buying flowers at your shop.

Recruit new employees

This is not suggested if your business performance is still unbalance. Why? Recruiting new employees means that you have to boost expenses. They may be happy if they work optimally and help you increase sales rate. Nevertheless, what if they just become load for your business. This means that you just waste money. In other hand, if your business performance is good and you need help from new employees, you have to recruit new workers soon. Keep in mind to recruit trusted and skilled ones so you don’t regret and feel disappointed and annoyed at last. Realize that disappointment and vexation are able to make you stress out and get sick at last. For this, be careful of recruiting new employees, okay!